Reser Stadium set to host 300th football game

Mikayla Pearson, Multimedia Contributor

On November 14th 1953 the Oregon state Beavers won their first home game in what was then called Parker Stadium against Washington State with a final score of 7-0. 63 years later the facility now called Reser Stadium is celebrating it’s 300th game.

The Oregon State football game against the Arizona Wildcats this weekend is poised to be one of great celebration in Corvallis. This weekend the Beavers are favored to win over a Pac- 12 team for the first time since the arrival of head coach, Gary Andersen. In addition, it is the annual Fall Family Weekend on campus, and it is also the 300th home game in Beaver Nation’s beloved Reser Stadium.

“It sounds like it will be a great weekend,” said Kayra Coughlan, a junior human development and family sciences major. “I’m sad I have to work that night so I’ll miss the game! But I’ll keep an eye on the score and cheer the Beavers on from work.”

Kickoff to the 300th game is at 7:30 p.m., where students, family and alumni will fill the 45,674 seats that make up Reser Stadium.

“I’m really excited to go!” Exclaimed Ella Eberwein, a senior psychology major. “I didn’t even know it was the 300th game, but that makes it even more exciting. My friends and I try to go to all of the games, we love cheering on the Beavers, rain or shine.”

Sitting at the corner of 29th Street and Western Avenue, Reser Stadium, which was once called Parker Stadium, has grown with the University over the years. The complex’s original seating capacity was capped at 28,000 people, however in the 63 years since it’s first home game, the stadium has had a total of five renovations expanding the seating capacity to 45,674.

With every one of the 299 games hosted in the stadium to date, fans have filled the stadium to cheer on the Beavers. Student fans often look forward to dressing up in orange and black, filling the stadium, and yelling louder than their neighbor as their peers run for glory on the turf below.

“Going to games throughout my college career was always a highlight of the week,” recounts Ben Arends, a 2012 economics and political science graduate. “I specifically remember watching OSU beat USC. It really was awesome! We destroyed them, but everyone expected us to get destroyed.”

Reser Stadium has caught the blood sweat and tears of hard working and dedicated student athletes as games have been won and lost throughout the years. However, Reser Stadium is often utilized for more than just weekend college football. Fundraisers, Pop Warner kid’s football games, and many other cherished events are held in the stadium. Events such as the annual commencement ceremony, with honored guest speakers such as First Lady Michelle Obama have been held on the field.

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