New fusion restaurant opens in Corvallis

Robert Desaulniers, Multimedia Contributor

Corvallis has a new addition to its night life. Mix, is a restaurant, cafe and bar serving authentic Asian cuisine located at 106 NW 2nd street in downtown Corvallis.

April Zhao, OSU student and one of the owners, says the intention in founding the establishment is to create a unique, genuine Asian hangout experience.

“In this town, Oregon State [University] has a lot of international students,” Zhao said about the restaurant. “Especially Asians, Chinese and Koreans. There are not many places for us to go out and have some fun in particularly Asian style.”

In a town starved for things to do after dark, an establishment like Mix helps alleviate that problem. In addition to a variety of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and a menu full of both authentic and Americanized Asian items, Mix also has multiple private karaoke rooms to set it apart from other bars in Corvallis. All this adds together to create an experience that international students will find familiar.

Mix first opened its doors on Nov. 6 of this year, and since then it has done a respectable amount of business, especially after dark when more people are looking to eat dinner. Even so, Yi Zhao, the other owner and also an OSU student, is looking to expand Mix’s employee roster so the business can stay open later and better serve its customers.

“Once I place the order, it would normally take around ten minutes,” Zhao said, providing an example of how more cooking and serving staff would help the restaurant. “The entire crew can finish the order within five minutes.”

Mix is a bar as well as a restaurant, and it is well stocked with many types of alcohol. With five beers on tap, including the local Two Towns cider, as well as bottled beers from both America and imported from China, the bar at Mix can meet nearly anyone’s tastes.

“We have a full bar so we can make pretty much any kind of mixed drinks,” said Hayden Reynolds, a bartender and server at the restaurant

In addition to the restaurant and bar portions, Mix is unique in that it has karaoke rooms in addition to the other amenities that would be familiar to a Corvallis pub-goer. Karaoke, the act of singing along with a music video, is immensely popular in countries like China, South Korea and Japan, so it was planned from the beginning to offer karaoke in order to create an authentic Asian bar experience. Each karaoke room is soundproofed and has a wide variety of songs to choose from.

“We wanted to have karaoke rooms,” April Zhao said about the early idea to open Mix. “And a restaurant is also a good idea so we can eat, drink, sing songs and hang out.”

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