Tried and True Coffee Company set to open a second location in Corvallis

Mikayla Pearson, Practicum Contributor

Sitting at 160 SW Madison Avenue in downtown Corvallis, Tried & True Coffee Company has built a highly respected name for itself.  

The small coffee shop currently seats about ten people comfortably, but thanks to the support and loyalty of the Corvallis community, this small town local business is able to open a second location. 

“It’s exciting for a small local store to be able to open a second store, and be championed and supported by the community.  It means a lot to us.” Said Donya Bush, a barista at the downtown Tried & True location.  

“I love it here.  I would come here everyday if my schedule allowed for it,” said Julie Leonard, a customer at Tried & True. “But some days that just doesn’t work.”  

Tried and True is a young coffee shop for Corvallis, having been open for just over two years, opening October 20th, 2014.  However, the dream of a coffee shop is a long time coming for the owners.  Two of the four owners, Collin and Anne, were high school sweethearts with the dream of opening a coffee shop one day.  Now, they have two coffee shops and their own roasting company. Tried & True proudly serves Bespoken Coffee roasted in Corvallis Oregon.  

“[The coffee shop] is sort of like their baby,” explained Bush.  

This new location will replace the old Jiffy Lube in South Town Corvallis.  By replacing the Jiffy Lube, the building is spacious, with garage doors that provide a flood of natural light.  

“I’m really excited for the new Tried & True location.” Explained McKenzie Tritt, a frequent Tried & True customer.  “It’ll be great to have more open, naturally lit space with room for groups.”

The new location is being built to accommodate the amount of customers the coffee shop sees on a daily basis, but also allow for those with computer work to do a public space to post up in.  

“I think that opening the second store is going to give people a space to set up on their laptops.” Bush projected.  “We get a lot of people on this back bar working, but this space is hard to have people camp out in for hours, it’s just too small.”  

With the hopes of being open by the end of November, the entire Tried & True family is looking forward to the growth ahead.  This new location will feature ample seating room, serve coffee, beer and wine, and features their own fire pit for summer gatherings. To find an official opening date keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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