How to win on Game Day at Oregon State

Brian Rathbone News/Sports Chief

Go to games: 

You are paying for the tickets anyways with your student fees. Might as well take advantage of all the free sporting events available. 

Bring energy: Showing up is half the battle, 

Make signs: 

Everyone wants to be on TV don’t they?

Don’t leave early: Nothing says “we quit” like fans filing out of the stadium before the final horn sounds. 


Eat, Drink, get hyped for the game.

If you leave at halftime, return for second half: This may come as a shock to some, but the games don’t end at halftime. In fact, often times the most exciting parts of the game happen in the second half. Do what you need to do at halftime, just make sure to find your seats for the second half. 

Follow themes: 

If the ticket says “wear orange” wear orange, if the ticket says “wear white” wear white. Nothing looks worse than a half-hearted attempt to paint a stadium or arena one color. 

Stand during games: 

Better yet, jump. It’s part of the student section experience. 

Bring the energy: 

his needs repeating.

Support the right school: Friends don’t let friends wear other school attire in the student section. If you do wear sport another school’s gear, prepare to be heckled. You’ve been warned. 

Don’t worship the athletes: Believe it or not, but they are students just like you. Let them be students. We don’t want a Johnny Manziel situation on our hands. 

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