An OSU resource: The Valley Library

Lauren Sluss, Managing Editor

The Valley Library at Oregon State University is home to countless resources meant to assist students. Kaitlyn Menguc has found a home as one of those resources by working as a part-time information specialist.  

“I joke that this is my happy place, but really I think that the library saved my life,” Menguc said. “The community here is quite remarkable.”  

Although Menguc completed her undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, she never felt a strong sense of community before working at OSU. 

“I’ve never been to a university where issues of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity are highlighted as much as they are here,” Menguc said. 

Menguc’s work has allowed her to connect with OSU community members, and provide them a platform to state their opinions. 

“The Valley Library does a really great job of highlighting those conversations that are happening across campus and making it relevant to everyone who walks in the door,” Menguc said. 

Helping students reach their potential is what motivates Menguc to stay a part of the OSU community. 

“It can be especially stressful around midterms and finals, and students often need a resource and can’t find the book on the shelf, or they can’t find something in the database,” Menguc said. “If I can help them get something they need for a midterm or a final, it’s a really great feeling.”

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