KBVR TV offers new challenging game show coming fall term

KBVR TV offers new challenging game show coming fall term

KBVR TV, OSU’s Television Station will bring a new challenge to its Fall lineup of shows.


The Challenger, a competitive gaming show, will begin airing in September during the second week of fall term. Jared Dukes, a Senior in Digital Communication Arts and producer for Orange Media Network hopes to mix video games with live-action challenges.


“The Challenger is going to be a game show, it’s going to focus mainly on video games, but there are going to be live-action challenges surrounding that,” said Dukes. “What I really want to do is just bring people from the OSU community in to play video games, and do these challenges, and maybe get a prize.”


Challengers will compete, facing different trials depending on the video game. The competitors will need to test their skills in the live action piece to get extra points and gain the upper hand.  Each game that is presented on the show will have a unique point system depending on the type of game it is. For race based games the live-action challenges will center on time-based score systems, whereas shooter games will be based on kill counts.


“Each episode is just going to be two people, just two people going head-to-head, and it’s going to be a bracket of, I think it’s eight people total,” says Dukes. “And the last two episodes or so is just going to be the challenge of the winners from the other episodes going head-to-head against each other – so the last three episodes I guess with six challengers to start with.”

The show will feature a mixed bag of retro titles, as well as newer games. Rocket League, Donkey Kong 64, and Mario Bros are just a few among the lineup that will be featured.

The inspiration for the show came from old gaming shows like G4’s The Arena and Nick Arcade. Dukes is excited about the resurgence in popularity of Esports and hopes that his show can bring a mix of zany antics with competitive gaming.

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