Fairbanks Gallery has public exhibitions down to a fine art.

Gabriel Shields, Multimedia Contributor

Fairbanks Hall will continue their Summer tradition of hosting Oregon State’s Art Faculty Exhibit in the Fairbanks Gallery.

The exhibition began on June 16th and will continue through Wednesday September 28th. A closing reception will be held at 4:30 to 5:30PM on that Wednesday which will celebrate a successful show and give artists a chance to mingle with their patrons, as well as the public at large.

Fairbanks hosts a new exhibit almost every month during the school year. Exhibitions in Fairbanks Gallery highlight unique art from the Pacific Northwest, national, and even international artists, and the OSU Art Faculty Exhibit of 2016 is no exception.

A wide spectrum of art styles and techniques being showcased within the gallery include photography, painting, drawing, as well as mixed media, printmaking, and even video. This particular event spotlights art produced by OSU faculty members of the Art Department who will showcase a variety of their pieces. Among the artists being featured in the exhibition are Evan Baden, Michael Boonstra, Julia Bradshaw, Kay Campbell, Anna Fidler, Julie Green, Stephen Hayes, Yuji Hiratsuka, Shelley Jordon, Andy Myers, Kerry Skarbakka and John Whitten.

One of the things that makes this exhibit stand out is the scale of the photographs on display. It is not often that the public is exposed to photography as large as the ones by Bradshaw and Skarbakka, which offers the public a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming Fall exhibitions. Not to mention that Hiratsuka, who is a world famous printmaker has returned to Fairbanks to showcase a series of his prints.

Fairbanks Gallery, located at the corner of SW Jefferson Way and 26th Street and the hours are Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM. However, Fairbanks participates in Corvallis Art Walk, a non-profit organization who promotes local galleries and artists, so during the third Thursday of every month the gallery will extend its hours to the 8PM.

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