DAMChic joins Orange Media Network

Hannah Loh, multimedia contributor

Oregon State’s media hub welcomed a new magazine to their repertoire, adding DAMChic to the list. DAMChic, a fashion and lifestyle magazine, used to be under the College of Business but has now transitioned to be a part of Orange Media Network.

DAMChic started off in 2013 when a group of students came up with the idea to create a fashion magazine as part of a class assignment in the Apparel Design program. Little did they know that their small project would grow to be a 40-page online publication.

Shortly after the first issue was published, they were nominated for “Best Fashion and Style Publication” at the Portland Fashion and Style Awards. That inspired the team to move from a class project to an organization, now of about 30 people. They have recently won 2nd place in Best Magazine Design nationwide.

DAMChic has been an online publication that covers different categories such as Men’s and Women’s Fashion, Street Style, Beauty, Health and Fitness, and Travel. Upon joining OMN, they will be available in print beginning Fall 2016.

Victoria Robbie, the new Editor-in-Chief, is excited that DAMChic is joining Orange Media.

“We’re given all this new resources as well as joining this huge family that we’ve been working together with for a while. I’m really excited to see what’s gonna happen,” she said.

She expects DAMChic to grow a lot bigger now that they have the resources and professional help that can point them to the right direction. She also foresees DAMChic becoming more popular on campus.

“The printing of the magazine and being able to distribute it all around campus like other publications is going to be a huge help with getting the student body more aware and involved in our magazine,” Robbie said.

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