‘Water Wonderland’

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With school coming to a close and summer just around the corner, student organizations across campus are holding events as a way to spread their messages to the student body before they leave Oregon State University for the summer.

One of these groups was the Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI), who held their Water Wonderland event in the Memorial Union Quad yesterday.

According to the SSI, the purpose of the event was to get students to think about ways they can conserve water this summer.

Water Wonderland featured drawings for prizes including Hydroflask water bottles and a canoe rental courtesy of the Adventure Leadership Institute, as well as the opportunity to sign a pledge to conserve water, free otter pops and an inflatable slide shaped like a shark.

The slide was primarily meant to garner attention from the student body and have them learn more about the SSI and water conservation, sophomore natural resources major and SSI Water Projects Coordinator, Tara Dunn said.

The pledges offered advice to students as to how they can conserve water in whatever way best suits their lifestyle, such as avoiding over-watering lawns and gardens, drinking bottled water or using alternative modes of transportation that use less fuel.

According to Dunn, 228 students signed the water conservation pledges.

While the SSI hosted a gardening party later on Tuesday night, Water Wonderland was their last large-scale event of the year.

“It’s kind of our last hurrah,” Dunn said.

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