San Francisco’s SOAR set to play Interzone on West Coast tour

Rose Kearsey Forum Contributor

Tonight, indie rock four-piece SOAR will be performing live with local groups Dumb Luck and Graye at Interzone, located on the corner of 16th and Monroe. This is an all-ages show kicking off at 8pm with a suggested donation of $5 going to the performers. OSU students and residents alike are welcome to come rock out at this unique coffee shop and venue.

Mai Osteo, bass and guitar player for SOAR, said they’ve all had experience being on the road, but it’s their first time traveling together as an established group. Now nearing the end of their eleven-city West Coast tour, Osteo reflects on it’s success saying,

“Tour has been great! We’re all in other bands and been on other tours before so we have friends all over. Everyone who’s booked our shows and who we’ve played with has been amazing and they have been well attended.”

Indiana Laub, guitarist for Dumb Luck and leader within the Corvallis DIY community, believes that shows like these have been bringing people together to revive the music and art culture here in town.

“Shows have been really successful over the past year, so I know there have been a lot more bands talking about Corvallis as a really cool place to stop on tour, and we get requests for shows almost everyday,” Laub said.

“Corvallis has an incredible number of really talented musicians and people dedicated to music, considering the size of the city. I actually moved here because I came through a few times on tour and always found such a supportive and positive community here.”

As Corvallis DIY continues to grow, they are leading the way for the local music scene by encouraging musicians to play here while on tour. Interzone in particular offers a one-of-a-kind space for all people, complete with organic coffee and baked treats.

“Students should go to shows because they are fun and the more people who go to shows, the more awesome touring bands we can bring through town,” Laub said.

“We get bands pretty regularly that are on national tours and play pretty big venues in cities like Portland, but when they stop here we get to see them from like 10 feet away at places like Interzone.”

Dumb Luck, a pop punk band coming out of Corvallis, recently recorded a brand new EP to be out on a 7” in a couple months which will be followed by a tour in September.

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