Sanders wins Oregon primary

Increasing Voter Turnout

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the state of Oregon primary.

Yesterday was the last day that voters across the state were able to turn in their ballots and make their vote, and voice heard for the Oregon primary.

According to ASOSU Executive Director of Government Relations Tabitha Pitzer, over 40 students turned in their ballots at the table in the Memorial Union Quad and another 80 turned in their ballots in the ASOSU office.

Pitzer does not know how many ballots were cast at the Valley Library dropboxes and will not know until fall term when voter data is released.

Oregon State University and Corvallis community members had the opportunity to cast their votes at multiple on-campus locations including the Valley Library, the ASOSU office and the Oregon Student Association’s Vote OR Vote table in the MU Quad.

The Vote OR Vote campaign registered over 3,000 students to vote since the beginning of the year and distributed another 3,200 educational fliers, gave class presentations and held tabling and clipboarding events in the MU Quad, Pitzer said.

Vote OR Vote also collaborated with other schools to run phone banks reminding people to perform their civic duties and turn in their ballots.

The overarching goal for Vote OR Vote is to register 8,000 voters by the end of 2016 because it is a general election year.

“We’re a little over 40 percent of the way there,” Pitzer said.

Over the summer, Vote OR Vote plans to register at least 800 more voters, and another 4,000 once school gets back in session when Election Day is closer.

Yesterday’s tabling event marked the end of Vote OR Vote’s efforts for the 2015-2016 school year.

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