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The blue emergency lights on Oregon State Universitys Corvallis, Ore. campus that can alert police of emergenies can be seen outside the Student Experience Center. The SAFER club is another resource that can help students to have peace of mind knowing there is a community with acceptance and resources for those in need of them.

SAFER club created to prevent sexual assult on campus

Stella Harkness, News Contributor
February 12, 2022

Oregon State University students have created an on-campus club with the purpose of helping survivors and allies to come together and end cycles of sexual assault. Students Active For Ending Rape is...

A petition for SARC, the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center, which serves as the first point of contact for survivors and their allies.

Petition from OSU alumni demands university be held accountable

Kelsy Valentine, Campus Editor
November 10, 2021

Clarification: a line about what SARC has done to help OSU alumni Coral Avery has been updated to provide more clarification Content warning: mentions of sexual assault A petition created to bring...

A protestor holds a sign aloft.

Editorial: Ford, survivors should not have to fight to be heard

The Baro Editorial Board
October 1, 2018

Sexual assault survivors face a steep uphill battle whenever challenging men in power, and the stakes could not be higher as Judge Brett Kavanaugh, professor Christine Ford’s alleged assaulter, was set...

Graphics displaying the number of sexual assaults of different types on OSU and UO campuses, by year.

Assault statistics publicly accessible

Erin Dose, News Contributor
April 24, 2017

In the year 2015, there were 18 reported sexual assaults related to Oregon State University.  Eleven of these occurred on property affiliated with OSU, and seven occurred on OSU’s campus.This information...

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