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Emily Mangan, a professional student in OSUs College of Veterinary Medicine, mentored high school students who attended the Summer Veterinary Experience camp to help them discover a potential career path.

Summer Veterinary Experience teaches youth about science, college

Erin Dose, News Contributor
August 28, 2017

A line of high school students anxiously peek around each other, looking toward the large, brown animal standing ahead of them. His name is Razor, an older horse owned by the Oregon State University College...

Students in the Discovering the Scientist Within program—a precollege program for middle school aged girls—work on a science experiment. Discovering the Scientist Within is one of several programs which attempt to excite young people about science.

Precollege Programs make college seem possible

Erin Dose, News Contributor
June 26, 2017

Their eyes are wide as they wander through Oregon State University, taking in every detail of college life. They admire the large buildings, the rush of bicycles and the students spread across campus.These...

Salvador Castillo, the director of the Office of Institutional Research, sits in his office. Castillo believes that the frequent major changes can help students choose a major that is a good fit for them.

Many students at OSU change majors

Erin Dose, News Contributor
June 12, 2017

Data shows high rate of undergraduates switching majors as they explore their optionsNearly 40 percent of first-year students entering Oregon State University in 2009 changed not only their major, but...

An aerial view of Weatherford Hall and the surrounding area. A summer event, OSU150 Space Grant Festival: A Total Eclipse Experience, will celebrate the total solar eclipse occurring above Corvallis on Aug. 21, 2017. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the star from view.

UHDS to offer residence hall rooms for eclipse festival attendees

Erin Dose, News Contributor
May 30, 2017

Thousands will visit OSU for the once-in-a-lifetime eventThe sun hovers over Oregon State University. Students tan, do homework and play sports in the heat. They enjoy the change in weather, with the months...

Walk the walk

Erin Dose, News Contributor
May 22, 2017

They emerged from the white tent, colorful and confident. With powerful postures and energetic walks, the models carried a variety of garments down the white runway. Their faces held gold glitter, resembling...

Graphics displaying the number of sexual assaults of different types on OSU and UO campuses, by year.

Assault statistics publicly accessible

Erin Dose, News Contributor
April 24, 2017

In the year 2015, there were 18 reported sexual assaults related to Oregon State University.  Eleven of these occurred on property affiliated with OSU, and seven occurred on OSU’s campus.This information...

Ali Aldubaini handing food to Sultan Alanazi from the Happy Shawarma window. Aldubaini opened Happy Shawarma in February 2017 after he noticed a need in the community for the Middle Eastern dish.

Finding home cooking on the streets

Erin Dose, News Contributor
April 17, 2017

It’s dark and cold. Oregon State University students walk back to their houses and residence halls, ending their long days. Their feet hurt, exhaustion presses down on them and most of all, they’re...

Faye Chadwell discussing the white supremacist fliers found in The Valley Library.

White supremacist messages found on campus

Erin Dose, News Contributor
April 10, 2017

Bias Response Team creates education opportunities, spaces for dialogue Several white supremacist fliers were found on the second floor of OSU’s Valley Library on March 23, and in study rooms on March...

Jessie Jones, Sarah Moore, Alex Sisca and Mylisa Krueger are involved in the Oregon State Fashion Show. Krueger designed a plus-sized line of clothes and Jones, Moore, and Sisca are the models for her line. 

Oregon State Fashion Show to feature plus-size line

Erin Dose, News Contributor
March 20, 2017

Students design clothing line to promote positive body image.Heels click confidently on the cement paths of Oregon State University. Laughter fills the air as the women wearing them banter. They walk with...

Dodi Reesman sitting with her dogs Capone (LEFT) and Dillinger (RIGHT). The house Reesman lives in has been sold and she is being evicted. Her students are trying to help.

Students helping longtime adviser

Erin Dose, News Contributor
January 30, 2017

Emily Mangan had just left class when she received the text messages.The first one was not meant for her. It was a frantic message from Mangan’s mother, describing blood everywhere and preparation for...

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