OSU Extension Service launches website for pest and disease problems

Wes Flow, News Contributor

Oregon State University’s Extension Service has a new website that provides scientific solutions for weeds, plant diseases, and garden pests. 

The Solve Pest and Weed Problems website contains both general information for gardeners, as well as solutions for specific issues. These range from ways to discourage rodents from your home and garden to how you can identify species of invasive plants and insects.

A recent OSU press release says that the website is intended to focus on problems in the Pacific Northwest, and the website’s solutions contain information about what harm the pests may cause, as well as both how effective and how dangerous methods of control may be. The information contained on the website is from peer-reviewed sources, as well as experts from around OSU and the OSU Extension Service.

The website’s guides are illustrated with photographs, and the guides themselves contain information about species of plants and animals, look-alikes, and methods for control.

Beyond just pests and pest control, the website also has a section about pesticides. This page has general information on pesticides, the dangers different types of pesticides may pose to people, pets and pollinators, and how to correctly dispose of pesticides and empty pesticide containers.

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