OSU President serves fresh pie to students with UHDS to support over finals week


Hayden Lohr

Students pictured with Oregon State University president Jayathi Murthy in the Memorial Union quad on Monday Dec 5. In order to boost morale over finals week the OSU president helped serve pie to students to kick off finals week.

In the Memorial Union quad starting around 3p.m. Monday afternoon the Oregon State University President, Jayathi Murthy helped to serve slices of pie to eager students in an event put on by University Housing and Dining Services.

“The food was my idea, and we worked in the office to come up with pie,” Murthy said.

Students could be seen forming small lines in order to get pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and vegan pecan pie all served optionally with whipped cream on a paper plate.

Also served at the event was hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and coffee with optional sweeteners and cream.

“Sugar is always good [when stressed],” Murthy said.

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