OSU students offer advice regarding study strategies, spots on campus

OMN Archives: Melissa Calhoun studies in the MU lounge in the evening.

Teresita Guzman Nader, News Reporter

As incoming students begin their first year at Oregon State University, they will find several study spots on campus that work best for them and could contribute to their academic success. Experienced OSU students have their fair share of hidden study spots and study tips that freshmen and transfer students may benefit from. 

Carolina Guillen, fifth-year bioengineering student and president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers chapter, said the best spots on campus are the cultural centers, the Student Experience Center and the Memorial Union. She suggests students try the many spots within these buildings.

“Try as many different spots on campus to study at, and if possible, more than once. For example, the MU can be a really peaceful place to study, but this is not always the case. It depends on the day and what events are going on,” Guillen said via email. 

Sneha Sinha, fourth-year industrial engineering student and president of the Engineering Student Council, said her favorite spot is the Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Johnson Hall. 

“I have spent way too many hours in this room but the huge windows and cozy atmosphere makes you feel right at home. I also love that there’s always other students studying in there, because it actually motivates me to stay on task as well,” Sinha said via email. “I always like to switch it up as well, though, and some of my other favorite study spots include the [main floor of the] Student Experience Center or in the Ettihad Cultural Center and the Memorial Union.”

Eva Sala, fifth-year double major in industrial and manufacturing engineering and team lead for the OSU Robotics Club’s Underwater Robotics Team, said if students are looking for a study space for a study group, she recommends The Valley Library, Learning Innovation Center, Kelley Engineering Center and Johnson Hall. She also mentioned that in her opinion, the quiet floors at the library are good to study on your own. 

According to Sinha, another thing to keep in mind is who you study with. It takes time to figure out the best study practices, so she suggests trying out a few different combinations. 

“For me, I learned that I am not productive when I work with friends, so I prefer to study alone. And that’s okay,” Sinha said via email. 

When Sala stays in a spot for more than three hours, she says she loses focus, so she recommends to keep in mind how long students spend in a study space.

“Also go over your homework assignments more than once. A homework assignment might be super easy in the moment, but it’s even easier to forget how you completed it once your notes aren’t in front of you anymore,” Sala said via email. “There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a homework problem on an exam and not remembering the steps to how you did it.”

Guillen said time management has allowed her to succeed academically.

“I think something that has helped me concentrate better and get better grades has been organizing my time wisely, keeping myself accountable, playing sports, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, asking questions and surrounding myself with other students who are also motivated to learn,” Guillen said via email. “Lately, the countdown till’ graduation has helped keep me motivated and concentrated to finish my last few assignments of the term.”

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