Recommended deadline approaches for ScholarDollars online search portal

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor

ScholarDollars, an online search and application tool for Oregon State University scholarships, launched Nov. 1, 2018 with a goal of connecting students to potential sources of funding.

Colleen Conniff, director of Scholarships at OSU, said ScholarDollars aims to provide students with an efficient, secure and user-friendly scholarship application experience. ScholarDollars differs from previous OSU scholarship application programs in that it only requires students to fill out one application, which will then be matched to many different scholarship opportunities at once. Students who wish to participate should try to submit their applications by Feb. 1. Over 1,600 campus scholarships are available through this service, with varying deadlines.

“OSU ScholarDollars reviews each student’s application and automatically routes it to every scholarship for which the student meets the minimum eligibility criteria. OSU ScholarDollars also offers a searchable database of third-party scholarships,” Conniff said.

All OSU students are eligible to submit a ScholarDollars application, and the OSU Scholarships Office recommends students submit their applications by February 1, due to the majority of the scholarship opportunities’ deadlines landing on Feb. 15.

Students can log into the ScholarDollars tool with their ONID username and password to take advantage of what the tool has to offer.

Conniff believes all students should use the ScholarDollars tool to search for scholarships in order to combat the growing costs of college.

“Higher education is a significant investment, and each new scholarship OSU can offer helps make college more affordable and reduces financial barriers for our students,” Conniff said via email.

OSU students can now use the ScholarDollars tool to connect with scholarships in an efficient fashion and maximize their scholarship opportunities to lessen the burden of college costs.

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