WATCH: ASOSU Presidential Debate 2018


Orange Media Network and the Associated Students of Oregon State University hosted the 2018 ASOSU presidential debates, which featured the four presidential tickets. The tickets included the president and vice president running mates Justin Bennett and Aiden Tariku, Peter Halajian and Wyatt Swick, Zack Buhlmann and Darby Buhlmann, as well as Ben Nzowo, who spoke on behalf of himself and his absent running mate Jai McClean.

Originally aired February 8, 2018

Cast & Crew

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Producer – Griffin Thenell

Director – Roman Battaglia

Technical Director – Ashley Peterson-Williams

Audio Director – Alex Niebur

Graphics – Garret Garvink

Director of Photography – Ziad Elkawlak

Floor Director – Duncan Hunter

Lighting – Roman Battaglia

Teleprompter – Rob Jones

Cameras – Kurt Nightingale, Cameron Willett, Ryan Lewis, Nick Braun

Lobby Director – Emmy Markham

Moderators – Lauren Sluss & Riley Youngman

On-Air Reporters – Joe Wolf & Tiffani Smith

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