Entire GOP and Oregon State University College Republicans out of touch with societal needs

Drew Robertson

In the midst of global climate change, daily reports of the cruelest types of violence at home and abroad, a crumbling infrastructure, unreasonably expensive educations and medical costs, as well as a host of other dire problems, our Oregon State University College Republicans rallied around their 11th Annual Second Amendment Week.

If you bought a raffle ticket you might of won an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun, or a Glock 45. Outside of perhaps the shotgun, the other two weapons are either used for target practice or killing humans—in self-defense or not.

With such time and energy spent over a perceived threatened Second Amendment, it’s no wonder that the Republican Party has won the popular vote in a U.S. Presidential election only once since 1988, a streak that will not end soon.

Perhaps the Republicans and their clubs and organizations would fair better if they put more energy into actually helping our beleaguered environment along with the people of our nation. Instead, they work to revive the status quo that peaked in the early 1960s. A better and more relevant Republican Party would be helpful to the Untied States.

Drew Robertson

Corvallis resident