Letter to the editor: Stop unsustainable tuition increases

Saul Boulanger

The recent tuition hike is the latest in a disturbing trend that has gone on for far too long. Despite assurances that business as usual won’t be tolerated, it’s become clear that the State sees students as an endlessly reliable, easy source of money, and that groups which are meant to advocate for the interests of students are unable or unwilling to do so.

Between 2000 and 2014 Oregon cut funding for higher education at a greater level than almost any other state in the nation; students have been shouldered with the burden. As long as there isn’t clear resistance to this, it will continue.

Many students already have to choose between the cost of food and the cost of an education. Too many graduate in severe debt, or aren’t able to graduate at all.

This is both patently unfair and financially crippling. Our student government and representatives have a duty to ensure that students are no longer taken advantage of; the question isn’t should we pay for this or that service with student fees, the question is why are students, who tend to be so financial vulnerable, paying so much? This needs to end.

Saul Boulanger

Senior, Political Science

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