Letter to the editor: In regards to Jackie Keating’s March 31 column

Lisa L. Templeton

The Oregon State Ecampus staff and I would like to thank Jackie Keating for her well-written forum column on Thursday (“Know the differences between in-person college courses, Ecampus options”). In it, Jackie took a measured approach and made some great observations in discussing the benefits of the online and on-campus learning environments.

Many of the advantages Jackie mentions in her column are echoed by Ecampus distance learners, namely the ability to engage with and learn alongside Oregon State students around the world. In 2015, Ecampus served 18,823 students in all 50 states and more than 40 countries. In partnership with more than 600 OSU faculty members and 10 colleges on campus, Ecampus proudly offers the flexibility that meets the needs of both distance students and on-campus students.

And Jackie is right—you have to be very motivated to succeed in an online course. Many people thrive in the online environment, and for some, it may not be their preference. But for adult learners juggling multiple life responsibilities, online learning can be a great fit. Ecampus provides more options, including partially or fully online programs, so learners can choose what works best for them.

We always appreciate the insight of students who take Oregon State classes online, and Ecampus is committed to making an OSU education accessible to everyone.

Lisa L. Templeton

Executive Director

OSU Extended Campus

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