Letter to the editor: Please reverse suspension of OSU International Degree

I would like to add to the growing support for restoring the International Degree program. I served as Faculty Director for the ID from 1996 to 1998. This was a period of growth for the ID that I was pleased to be a part of. The ID is a challenging program that attracts excellent students. These students need good advising and support to meet the challenges and that is a key role of the Faculty Director (a part-time position).

The ID thesis is usually the first major research paper an undergraduate student undertakes. The Faculty Director serves as a mentor and a guide for the thesis process. We developed a course to introduce ID students to research methodologies and to provide them with guidelines for their research projects. I understand the ID Faculty Director position has been eliminated. It is no surprise that present ID students might struggle with their theses if they have little or no guidance for it. If so, the solution is obvious; restore the Faculty Director position.

It was exciting for me to work with talented students with a serious desire to obtain an international education. I think the ID deserves support from OSU; it has a proven record of success and should be restored.

Neil Forsberg

Former Professor of Animal Sciences

Oregon State University

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