Swift serenity: Introduction to yogi lifestyles

Skye J. Lyon

The discipline of mind and body is an art of give and take solely dependent on how strong one can control their urges. Undergoing Muay Thai training for six years consistently—and Tae Kwon Do two years prior—was still not enough for me to tie down this mystic notion that our state of mind is directly interwoven into our physical strength. Both equally needing one another to create a well-rounded athlete.

If you are a collegiate competitor, living a yogi lifestyle may fit you better than you believe. First and foremost, abandon all you preconceptions of what yogic practice consists of. Yes, there is a heavy influence of prana yama—the movement of breath and energy within the body—however, if you attend a “Power Flow” or “Hatha Yoga” class you will quickly realize not all “physical meditation” is for the weak of mind and body.

Take for example those who are physically engaging themselves in our various spring season sports. Baseball players will surely benefit for the conditioning aspect of lengthening ones muscles to perform with greater ease out on the field. Pitching at a higher rate of stealth and speed to combat against slower opponents or elongating of the hamstrings to run further with little to no obstacle are just some of the many benefits one can attain.

Even for those who golf will quickly bask in the wonder yoga can do when posture and stance is drastically improved.

Many of us derive from different physical backgrounds: some of us have trained diligently in a niche that best suits us, others are wading in the shallow end before diving deeper into physical activity, and some…like the way they look in workout clothes excelling in nothing more. Wherever you fit in this broad spectrum, even the slightest adjustments in your routine can propel you to feel better than you have ever felt before.

Even if this means solely partaking in a “corpse pose”—or savasana—for 20 minutes and returning your consciousness to the dwellings of your mind, allowing yourself to feel your extremities open and melt into the earth below, then so be it. Return to the sport of your choice. Do you feel the modification that you applied working through your body?

If yes, then embrace the subtle miracles the power of a well centered yogic lifestyle. The mental engagement that is heavily invested in yoga as well as the restraint and liberation your body will endure will increase your personal wellbeing radically.

The opinions expressed in Lyon’s column do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer staff.

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