Ray on the radio live Q&A segment

Cheyenne Lever Arts & Entertainment Contributor

Oregon State’s very own President Ed Ray agreed to come on KBVR-FM’s airwaves this Friday.

Starting at 2 p.m. on Feb. 5, Ray will be collaborating with Orange Media Network for a Q&A segment open to the students of Oregon State University and the greater Corvallis community.

With all of the new renovations and changes to the OSU campus, questions have been sparked as to what will come next. This live interview with Ray will give students the opportunity to clear up some of the concerns they may have. 

People are also encouraged to ask questions that will allow them to learn more about Ray’s personal interests and enjoyments, such as his taste in  music.

Ray’s last encounter with KBVR-FM was a few years back in the former Snell Hall studio. This broadcast will be Ray’s first time on air in the newly built Student Experience Center.

Sean Fox, KBVR-FM’s news director, will be hosting and facilitating the conversation. The segment will cover an assortment of topics such as Ray’s vision for OSU’s future, his accomplishments and background information on him as a person.

Fox understands that the title “President” can be intimidating at first approach, but there is more to Ray than meets the eye. However, KBVR-FM wants to hear from its listeners. 

“We are curious about what students have to say or what questions they have,” Fox said.

To participate during this live interview on Feb. 5, at 2 p.m., call in at (541)-737-3737 or tweet @KBVR_FM and use the hashtag #RayOnTheRadio.

To hear the interview live, tune into 88.7 FM or listen to KBVR-FM’s online stream on the Orange Media Network website.

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