Letter to the editor: In response to Oregon State University international degree suspension

Jack Van de Water

(The Daily Barometer’s) recent article on the suspension of the International Degree prompts me to write.

I was involved with the original proposal and the implementation of the program.

I was struck by the explanation for the suspension being that “times are different” and “students have changed.” I am sure this is true but I believe that what is different and what has changed argues in favor of expanding the ID program, not suspending it.

Today the world is much more interdependent than when the ID started and the need for OSU students to have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of another culture is more important than in the past.

I believe current OSU students are tuned in to global realities and value the ID program for that reason.

I hope you hear from them.

The level of student interest in the ID program has grown over recent years.

This is not the time to suspend a program that has been very successful and is more relevant than ever to the future careers of OSU students.

Jack Van de Water

Dean Emeritus

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