OSU announces in-person instruction for fall term per COVID-19 vaccine distribution

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Oregon State University is moving back to in-person instruction for the fall term of the 2021-22 academic school year, according to an announcement made by OSU President F. King Alexander. 

Alexander made this decision on the basis that COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed amongst the state at an increasing rate, and will create an environment at OSU’s campus that is safe enough for students, faculty and staff to return.

Besides in-person classes, Alexander said that he hopes to reinstall on-site research, engagement and extracurricular activities—including recreation and athletics. 

While there is no official set of guidelines yet regarding the upcoming fall term, university officials said they are creating a comprehensive plan for the next school year, given that COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues to increase. 

Although the comprehensive plan is not yet put in place, Dan Larson, OSU’s COVID-19 response coordinator and vice provost for Student Affairs said in the announcement that OSU will continue to comply by COVID-19 safety measures, including social distancing, wearing a mask and frequent testing opportunities for all OSU community members. 

This news comes days after U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the United States will produce enough vaccines for every adult in the country by the end of May, adding that the Biden-Harris Administration will be making a push to vaccinate school staff throughout the next month.

This is an ongoing story and updates will be made as the story progresses. 

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