Preliminary results for Corvallis City Council election

The Corvallis City Hall building is located downtown on Madison Avenue. OMN archive taken Feb. 2020. 

Jeremiah Estrada, News Contributor

Editor’s Note: This story is a part of the 2020 Elections Issue. The Baro has put together this issue to inform the Oregon State University and greater Corvallis, Ore. communities about the 2020 Elections. This issue will dispel voting myths and include information on local elections, voting methods and tips, candidate profiles, and more.

Most candidates in each ward in Corvallis, Ore. were running unopposed in this year’s Corvallis City Council, except for Ward 7 which consisted of a race between Nic Bowman and Paul Shaffer to become counsilor.

As of 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Paul Shaffer held the majority vote in the local Corvallis City Council election for the seat representing Ward 7 with 69.45% of the votes.

Bowman has 945 votes counted and Shaffer has 2,216 votes currently counted in the race to become elected for the city council seat in that ward.

The other city council seats elected uncontested for the position are as follows: Jan Napack for Ward 1, Charles Maughan for Ward 2, Hyatt Lytle for Ward 3, Gabe Shepherd for Ward 4, Charlyn Ellis for Ward 5, Laurie Chaplen for Ward 6, Ed Junkins for Ward 8 and Andrew Struthers for Ward 9.

Those elected for a counsilor seat will serve Corvallis on this council for a four-year term. Napack of Ward 1, Lytle of Ward 3, Shaffer of Ward 7 and Junkins of Ward 8 are incumbent for the position and are being re-elected for the city council seat. The rest of the wards which include council members Maghan, Shepherd, Ellis, Chaplen and Struthers are all newly elected for the position.

Votes are still being counted for the general election in Benton County with 86.57% of the ballots in this district accounted for, meaning these are preliminary results. 

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