Police chief of Corvallis to retire, replacement to take over in late December


Image courtesy of the City of Corvallis.

Cassidy Hicks , News Contributor

Jason Harvey has been appointed the new Chief of Police in Corvallis, taking over for now retiring Chief Nick Hurley in late December 2022.

Hurley has been on the force since 1995, when he started as a seasonal cadet with the Oregon State Police. Hurley served as the Chief of Police for the past two years.

“Running a police department is not a 9-to-5 job,” said Hurley. “I have enjoyed the challenge, the successes we have had and watching the staff around me develop and prepare to take on their next roles. I believe in giving the people around me the opportunity to fulfill the role.”

Appointed by City Manager Mark Shepard, Harvey brings 25 years of experience to his new position where he is currently serving as a Captain of the Corvallis Police Department. The mantle will be officially passed down Dec. 30. 

According to Hurley, the timing worked out for Hurley to be able to retire at a time when Harvey was well prepared to take the reins.

“Personally and professionally it is an honor to be selected for the position,” said Harvey. “Professionally, I understand that the position comes with an enormous responsibility and commitment to serve.”

Before serving the city of Corvallis through various positions at CPD, Harvey graduated from Portland State University with a degree in criminology and criminal justice. Harvey is also a graduate of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. 

Chief Harvey developed an interest in a career in law enforcement from having come from a family dedicated to the service and most specifically through the shared experiences he has with his step father. 

Harvey has held multiple positions throughout his span of service. Some of his previous positions include officer, detective, K-9 handler, sergeant and lieutenant.

“These experiences have all prepared me to be chief,” said Harvey. “My biggest inspiration for seeking the position of chief is the opportunity to care for our staff and the

community that the position will allow.”

According to Harvey, the responsibilities of the chief of police include many different competing interests and needs at the same time. 

“It is important to set a positive forward direction for the department that is in line with the values of the community we serve,” Harvey said.

In the interim between being appointed and officially taking on the role, Harvey will be working closely with Hurley. The transitionary period will last approximately five months from the time Harvey was appointed in mid-August to step into the role. 

“Chief Hurley has been an amazing leader and mentor. He values transparency and community engagement between law enforcement and the public.” Harvey said. “This has allowed me to develop as a leader through increasing responsibility and experiences…I intend to build on his successes and continue moving the department in a positive direction.”

Prior to being appointed, Harvey has already been working directly under Hurley as the Captain of the community services division. 

“My parting advice to Captain Harvey would be to listen – to your staff, your community and your gut,” Hurley said. “Being the Chief doesn’t mean you always have the answer, but when you listen and process and critically think about how to respond based on our community’s and department’s values and principles, you will make the best decision because of it.”

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