Research seminar presents the resilience of rural families on Friday

David Li, News Contributor

The Human Development and Family Sciences Program will hold a research seminar called “Rural families speak about resilience: A family science-public health collaboration” on Feb. 24.

The event will be from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hallie Ford Center in room 115 and is also available through Zoom.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the Rural Families Speak about Resilience project from two speakers: Associate Professor Kelly Chandler from Oregon State University and Professor Doris Cancel-Tirado from Western Oregon University.

According to Marie Harvey, associate dean for research and OSU distinguished professor of public health, the project is an effort to see the effects of individual, family, and community influences on the resilience of rural, low-income families.

Both speakers aim to highlight the benefits of a family science-public health collaboration and to invite others to use this interdisciplinary framework in their scholarship and outreach.

Chandler’s work includes using a work-family justice lens to study the effect of working conditions, workplace culture, and work-family policies on the health and daily lives of employees and their families.

Cancel-Tirado has worked in health and human services agencies and efforts to improve family and well-being in diverse and multicultural contexts for over 20 years. Cancel-Tirado is currently researching the well-being and health disparities of Latinos, rural health, maternal and child health, fatherhood, poverty, and diversity in higher education.

According to Marie Harvey, faculty and students from other colleges, research centers, and institutions are encouraged to participate in the research seminar.

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