Washington Way to see reconstruction into summer of 2024

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Washington Way has begun and will continue to undergo a multi-year phased reconstruction project with increased lighting, wider sidewalks, the loss of 123 parking spots in the area and more. 

According to the project website, the reason for the project is to improve connectivity across Oregon State University’s campus and expand opportunities for alternative modes of transportation through the reconstructed roadway, pedestrian and cycle tracks. 

The 123 parking spots affected by the project will not be replaced as the project website notes that this will facilitate bicycle use and “help lower campus parking demand.”

In addition, OSU parking utilization rates indicated that the loss of the parking spaces will be absorbed by existing spaces on campus, according to the website. 

According to the Washington Way Improvement Project website, the following will be constructed as apart of the project;

  • Relocation of the driving road further away from the railroad tracks; the new location will be 10 feet north of the current railroad. 
  • Construction of a cycle track. 
  • Wider pedestrian sidewalks.
  • New curbs north to the roadway. 
  • Increased lighting to the pedestrian sidewalk, cycle track, intersection and south path of the road.

While the first steps of construction connected to the project began in fall of 2022 by replacing a City of Corvallis water line, the project is set to continue into July of 2024. 

Larger developments in the project are set to take place throughout this summer with the reconstruction of the roadway from 17th Street to 26th Street, according to the website’s timeline. 

The website notes that any questions or concerns about the project can be directed to [email protected]

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