Letter to the Editor: Yang’s platform will harm the poor

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Millicent Durand

Voting for Andrew Yang is reckless. I know many Yang supporters. I like those Yang supporters as people, however, voting for him might likely be one of the most reckless actions one can take in this primary season.

Why? While I agree with the idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI), the policy of which referred to by the Yang camp as the “Freedom Dividend”, I don’t agree with Yang’s UBI proposal, where it is simply a simply veiled excuse to cut social services to the poor, including food stamps and disability benefits, which even his own FAQ admits, saying that people who are disabled will have to pick between the “Freedom Dividend” and Social Security Benefits.

Yang would be a disaster for this country, and anyone who supports him is in favor of making life more difficult for the poor, one way or another.

Millicent Durand

Fourth-year sociology student

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