Letter to the Editor: Student Fee Committee failed its job

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Millicent Taylor, Student Fee Committee At-Large Member

The Student Fee Committee failed to do its job. It was our job to represent the interests of the student body, however, many of my colleagues on the committee chose to kick the can over to the ASOSU Congress. If the ASOSU budget is not sent to mediation, the ASOSU will not have enough money to fund Oregon Student Association without cutting another program that the ASOSU provides. That would be irresponsible. We failed to do our jobs. We failed every student who pays student fees, and we failed every student in Oregon by approving this budget.

We had the opportunity to listen, the overwhelming turnout by the OSA last night as well as Oregon State Students in favor. They told us their stories, they asked us not to approve the budget, to send it back until the budget is increased enough to fund OSA without cutting programs. What did we do? Say “it’s not our job” and send it forward with the tagline “it’s the ASOSU’s job to allocate this low amount of money.”

I get that times are tough, I tried to fight for lower student fees where we could, but some things are necessary for the greater good, membership in OSA is one of them.

Millicent Taylor

At-Large Student Fee Committee Member

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