OSU College Democrats: Kavanaugh unqualified for Supreme Court

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Breanne Johnson, President of OSU College Democrats and Dylan Seibert

The College Democrats at OSU commend Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her bravery and patriotism in sharing her testimony against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Dr. Ford’s testimony that Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school is a story that is not easy for a survivor to tell, particularly on such a public stage. It is important that we as a nation continue to listen to survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence and show them the utmost compassion and respect.

While critical thinking and due process call us to listen closely to both sides of any such allegation, the facts of this particular case as they stand cast unequivocal doubt on Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence. To ignore these facts is to ignore rational thought for the sake of party loyalty. It sets the implication for society as a whole that perpetrators of sexual violence or harassment can move past their prior actions, even forget them entirely, while the victims must live with the trauma for the rest of their lives.

Judge Kavanaugh is undeniably innocent until proven guilty as per the laws of this country, and he is entitled to legal defense should charges be brought against him following the FBI’s investigation. However, we must remember that the Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings themselves are not a criminal trial. “Innocent until proven guilty” is simply not a high enough standard when considering a lifelong appointment to the highest court in this land. While we may never know exactly what happened on that night in 1982, we believe that there are enough inconsistencies and outright falsehoods in Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony to cast reasonable doubt on that innocence and to bar him from serving on the Supreme Court.

This should not be a case decided along party lines, but along the traditions and duties of the Supreme Court as an impartial body. Allegations aside, Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament and his accusations against the political left reveal a politically biased and emotionally charged individual, two qualities that have no place on the Court. To appoint him after revealing such clear biases would be going against the deeply held traditions of the body.

The College Democrats at OSU implore students and faculty to contact the Senators on the Judiciary Committee and call on them to use critical thinking and vote in line with the values of the Supreme Court itself.

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