Body camera footage made public for the Philomath man shot and killed by CPD police

Appelt marches towards an officer moments before he is fatally shot by a CPD officer. Appelt appears to be brandishing something the CPD says is a knife. Red Circle is a part of the video provided to The Daily Barometer by the CPD and the Benton County DA’s office.

The Benton County District Attorney’s office has identified the man who was shot on Saturday at the Days Inn hotel, providing a body cam video to corroborate the situation. 

Jeffery W. Appelt, 32, has been identified as the man who was shot and killed by a Corvallis Police Officer on April 3. 

The video starts with showing Appelt exiting the hotel on 9th street and being confronted by a police officer. The audio in the first 12 seconds of the video is muted, but picks up when Appelt tells the officer to leave him alone before storming off. 

The officer then call’s Appelt’s name before Appelt yells “Stop, leave me the f*ck alone,” before an altercation starts. 

Appelt then appears to say “M*therf*cker I’ll kill you.” and proceeds to chase the officer around the parking lot, shouting “I’ll f*cking kill you m*therf*cker. I will kill you. Right now. You’re dead. [inaudible] F*cking Dead.” 

The officer then pulls a taser out and aims it at Appelt. It is unclear if the taser hit Appelt, as the officer proceeds to drop it and Appelt appears to shout at the officer before backing away towards the hotel. The officer calls for backup, noting that Appelt had a knife. 

Soon after, more police officers show up on the scene. The officer then runs back to the lobby where another CPD officer is attempting to restrain Appelt. Appelt then breaks free from the restraints and starts running away from the officers. 

At this point in the video, the camera switches to the perspective of a patrol car pulling up to the hotel as Appelt runs towards the car. Appelt is ordered to drop his knife several times while continuing to approach the patrol car. The CPD said that Appelt responded to the officers by saying “You wanna die?”

In the next portion of the video, Appelt proceeds to walk off screen, presumably towards the shouting officer. Two seconds after he leaves the camera’s view, 5 gunshots can be heard. 

In a statement provided with the video, the CPD said that two knives were recovered following the shooting, and that “eye witnesses present at the scene corroborated the video evidence.” 

All officers involved have been placed on administrative leave with the purpose of relieving officers “from further field duties while undergoing the emotional stress of having been involved in a critical action, and permitting time to conduct an objective investigation into the incident.”

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