What is your life worth?

In this age of technology it is easy to be distracted.

Ninety-nine percent of people have ear buds, headphones or are on their cell phones while walking, bicycling, driving your car and not paying attention to what is around you.

There are buses and many other vehicles on the road that cannot always stop on a dime when you decide to walk, ride your bike or skateboard right in front without looking or signaling when crossing the street, crosswalk, etc.

So please be more aware of what is around you, and not be disconnected from the world.

Look or signal before crossing in front of any vehicle in the direction you are going.

After all, IT IS YOUR LIFE. Is it worth stepping in front for possible broken bones or worse?

Daylight savings time is Nov. 5. It will be even darker in the mornings and hard for drivers to see. 

Please use caution. Bicycles get a light front and back so you are visible.

Pedestrians at bus stops hold out your cell phone, get a light or use reflective gear to let drivers know you are there. Vehicles check all your outside head lights, brake lights, etc.

The roads are for all of us to be working together safely to avoid accidents.

Thanks for listening.


L.M. Rose

Lebanon, OR

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