Letter from the ASOSU Speaker of the House

ASOSU Speaker of the House, Peter Halajian, may be removed from office through the impeachment process.

Peter Halajian, ASOSU Speaker of the House

Welcome new freshmen,

As I’m sure someone has told you in the past few months, these next few years will be some of the most interesting, difficult, empowering, challenging, and hopefully fun, of you your life so far. Consider it up to you to make of them what you will. Find friends, groups, organizations, teams, and activities that will help you make the most of your time here at Oregon State University.

ASOSU, our student government, is here to ensure that you are represented to the school administration. The work we do may not seem very important, but it is through us that the collective voice of our fellow students is heard. As Speaker of the ASOSU House of Representatives, I will be working with your student representatives to put forward policies and resolutions that will do just that. As a resource for you my door in the SEC is always open. Regular meetings of the House are open as well.

As I said above, it is on you to make your college experience all it can be. But that does not mean that you are all alone here. As a student government it is our job to ensure that you are well represented and have the resources you need to grow.

Once again, welcome to Oregon State University. I’m sure your time here will help make you all you can be.

Peter Halajian,

ASOSU Speaker of the House

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