Feb. 13 “Letters to the Editor

Do your research first

Walking to the MU for lunch yesterday there were three men who appeared to be “white” standing behind a table full of cookies. At first, I thought a fund raiser for a good cause, a greek life philanthropic endeavor but alas it was a group of young men attempting to prove that Affirmative Action is Racist. They were attempting to demonstrate that by charging people who appeared “white” full price and then others who appeared to be “nonwhite” cheaper prices depending on what “other” you appeared to be. Women also got special prices and if you were a woman and appeared to be “other than white” you got the cookie free of charge.

Well…the ignorance of this exercise floored me. Have these college students every taken any history classes, have they ever ventured outside their privileged world, have they never taken a sociology class, do they not know the facts about social, economic, and gender disparities in this country? There is research to show that Affirmative Action actually helps those people seen as “white” more then it does the very people that it was created to serve. Sally Kohn’s 2013 article in Time magazine uses examples from the public and private sector to show that affirmative action has advanced the careers of white women more than those of people of color….not only do white women benefit from affirmative action, but so do their white husbands and white children….

If we continue to spread opinions with out doing the research we spread alternative facts that are not only based in fear but spread biases, false information, and more fear. Please have an opinion but do your research first!

Jim Gouveia

Rise up, OSU

OSU, I’m pissed. Are you pissed yet?

I constantly walk this thin line of being incredibly angry and being utterly distraught by what is happening in our nation. Do I fight someone or do I weep? It changes from second to second, minute to minute, day to day.

Right now, I weep.

I weep for my fellow human beings who thought they were American, who have spent their lives reaching for an American dream that just spit in their faces.

I weep for separated families, for refugees, for undocumented people.

I weep for those who were shown not only on election day, but everyday before and since that this country doesn’t want us.

I weep for family members who will never know that my heart broke on the day they celebrated this hate, how much they hurt me by supporting the vitriolic administration that doesn’t value the humanity of their niece, their granddaughter, their cousin.

Yes, I weep. I’m certain responses will mock my “special snowflakeness,” saying I am the problem with our generation. But I am not afraid of this emotion, and neither should you be.

Because I not only weep, I survive.

You can try to beat us down, but we are still here and we will fight.

We will never stop fighting.

No matter how many people write hateful things on my political posts, or in response to this piece, no matter how many executive orders are written to try and stop me, I will NOT STOP USING MY VOICE.

I will march and speak out for you, even if you don’t think you need me to. I will not rest until this society treats us like the human beings we all are.

And neither should you.

Get pissed. Get angry. Get fired up.

And rise up.

Raven Waldron

Senior, BioResource Research

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