Letter to the editor: Farewell from ASOSU graduate representative

Sami Al-AbdRabbuh

Today marks the end of my tenure serving in the student government as ASOSU senator (2015) and ASOSU graduate representative (2015-2016). It was about 100 volunteering hours of talking to constituents, practicing parliamentary procedures, writing bills and resolutions. Most importantly, this was a challenge to my colleagues and myself to truly represent the student body in our decisions.

I’m thankful to all student leaders who helped me pass important bills. Together, we helped to fund and support student organizations especially those who bring innovative ideas to light. During the past year, I contributed in authoring and sponsoring important resolutions such as (JR-07.01) that called for supporting students of protected class from acts of discrimination. With no doubt, ASOSU needs to do a lot more. And that can’t happen without students showing up and speaking up. Just like what happened last week.

Today, I reflect on the time earlier this year when I joined the university lobbying day in Salem. It was the day where I discovered that the state legislators are not doing enough to support higher education and the future of Oregon. I am determined to change that by running for the State House representing Corvallis and Philomath in Salem. I ask students, faculty, and staff to support my campaign atsami2016.com. Because the basic, yet critical, question that I’ll keep asking will stay the same: “Am I putting my priorities consistent with the priorities of the people who I represent?”

Sami Al-AbdRabbuh

Graduate representative at ASOSU’s 7th Congress and an independent candidate for state representative – District 16.