Paola, Young ticket wins ASOSU presidential election


Jason May, Photographer

The Associated Students of Oregon State University president-elect Matteo Paola (left) and ASOSU Vice President-elect Sierra Young pose for a picture at Snell Hall on Feb. 11. Paola and Young will serve as the president and vice presidential team that will lead ASOSU during the 2022-23 academic year.

Riley LeCocq, News Reporter

Matteo Paola and Sierra Young won the Associated Students of Oregon State University presidential election for the 2022-23 academic year with 17.93% of eligible voters participating in the election.

Paola and Young received 1,541 student votes while runner-up candidates Alexander Kerner and Isabella Griffiths received 1,318 votes. The remaining team, Calvin Anderman and Braeden Howard, received 368 votes. 

Students currently enrolled in a minimum of one credit on the Corvallis, Ore. campus are permitted to vote, making 20,759 students eligible to vote in the election.

3,722 students voted in this year’s election, which was almost twice the turnout of last year’s total of 1,514 student votes. 

Other available positions on the ballot included ASOSU speaker of the house, Student Fee Committee chair, four SFC at-large members, six seats in the ASOSU Senate, five Graduate House of Representatives seats, and 20 Undergraduate House of Representatives seats. 

Single position elections like the president and vice president, SFC chair and speaker of the house are decided through rank choice voting while multi-seat positions are decided by a raw majority vote. 

Ballot measure 01.22 was also up for vote, which proposed a new ASOSU Senate to act as a unicameral legislature. The measure passes with 89.33% of voters voting for the adoption. 

A full story about the election results will come out with The Daily Barometer’s March print issue on March 7.


Election results:

President – Matteo Paola  

Vice President – Sierra Young

ASOSU Senate – Jarrett Alto, Angelina Trillo, Noa Stoll, Kaitlyn Kim, Garima Kohli, Iman Jemal Adem

SFC Members At-Large – Gabby Gates, Emma Parkin, Gabriella Platt, Thomas Baty

Undergraduate House of Representatives – Sahana Shah, Kate Walsh, Erica Nyarko, Ocean El Dakhakhni, Lucy Hoang, Andrea Perez, Ellie Anderson, Caitlyn Olsen, Emily Erving, Francisco Hernandez, Adeline Rang, Lauren Ding, Sarah Theall, Alexis Minyard, Carissa O’Donnell, Payton Harrison, Emilie Krecklow, Henrietta Rutaremwa, Brynn M. Holmes, Samuel Misa

Graduate House of Representatives – Brian Ixtlahuac, Coquille Rex, Ankit Koirala

Speaker of the House – Madelyn Neuschwander

ASOSU SFC Chair – Joe Page 

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