Beaver Bash: Afterglow Preview


Beaver Bash promotional poster, contributed by OSUPC. Beaver Bash takes place Friday, Sept. 23.

Haley Stark, News Contributor

Students will have another chance to celebrate the end of summer at the annual Beaver Bash event on Friday, Sept. 23. at the Student Experience Center Plaza.

Running from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. that night, this year’s theme is Afterglow, a foam dance party with complementary glow sticks. Bachelor Nation alum Blake Horstmann will DJ the event with a set-up similar to that of Plaza Palooza.

Kenna Reid, an event organizer at Oregon State University Program Council, wants students to be prepared for the party when they arrive. 

“When students arrive, they’ll want to find our OSUPC table because the event will be cinched in, in order to keep all the foam in one area,” Reid said. “So they’ll come to our table, check in with their student ID and then they’ll also sign a waiver.”

Reid added that the waiver is just a precaution and that the foam used at the party will not be slippery. 

After receiving a wristband and entering the fenced area, two large cannons will dispense glowing UV foam on party goers. Here, students will receive free glow sticks and light-up foam batons. Free snacks and a photobooth will be set up outside the fenced area. 

Reid encourages students to wear warm glow-in-the-dark clothing to the event and recommends bringing water-proof shoes to protect against the wet foam. Towels will be freely provided on a side table so participants can dry off.

For fellow OSUPC Event Organizer Paul Pangan, the event is important for both students and organizers. 

 “Beaver Bash serves as OSUPC’s welcome to students,” Pangan said. “We usually use this event as kind of a gauge for the type of engagement we’re gonna be looking at as the year moves on.”

Overall, Reid and Pangan both see the event as an unforgettable part of the college experience.

“This is these students’ first time on campus this first week, we wanted to start it off in a way they’d remember,” Reid said. “I’m a senior this year and a lot of people my age remember this event when we were freshmen and it was almost the highlight of their year.”

“It’s in general gonna be a fun night,” Pangan said. “End summer with a bash.”