Ann Schneider: Navigating COVID-19 as a local business owner

Jada Krening, News Reporter

This Q&A is the fifth in a 19-part series, “19 COVID-19 Stories,” updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, diving into the unique perspectives of the Corvallis community as they face COVID-19 and all its social and economic effects. 

Ann Schneider is the owner of the Corvallis-based coffee shop, Tried and True Coffee Company. With two locations across the city, Tried and True Coffee Company has served the Corvallis community since they first opened their downtown store in October 2014, followed by their southtown location in January 2017. 


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What was day-to-day business like prior to COVID-19, and what is it like now?

Well, we were open and now we’re not. We’re just trying to take things day by day and hope to open up soon for curbside pick up and takeout. It’s hard to balance the desire to serve your community while being as safe as possible, especially when there’s new information and directions coming out almost daily. 

Does Tried and True plan to stay open amid the COVID-19 outbreak?

We officially closed on March 25th after talking with our employees and collectively deciding to shut our doors for a while. Our hope is to open back up with some better safeguards in place and give our employees the option to work if they still want to. Still trying to figure it out, but our goal is April 13th as of right now. 

What has been the most difficult aspect of the COVID-19 outbreak for you, as an individual and as a Corvallis business owner?

The hardest thing by far has been navigating something completely unknown and unprecedented. No one could have prepared for this. And we feel immensely responsible for our staff and their financial and physical well being, it’s hard when all of this is out of our hands and we can’t control what is happening.

What has been the most uplifting aspect?

The love our team has for each and the way they support each other is beautiful. We are a family and it’s showing now more than ever. Plus the support from our community and words of encouragement have gone a long way.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just that we can’t wait to open back up again for regular service. We miss everyone and each other so much. 


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