OSU researchers create method to make software more gender inclusive

In recent years it has been discovered by Margaret Burnett and her team that the majority of software systems have unintentional gender bias favoring traditional male cognitive styles. Burnett is the co-director of GenderMag and professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University. Burnett wants people to understand that different individuals have different styles of problem solving.

Anita Sarma, co-Director of GenderMag and Associate Professor at Oregon State University explains that making a person adapt to a cognitive style that is not their own cuts productivity.

More information: http://www.orangemedianetwork.com/daily_barometer/oregon-state-university-researchers-create-method-to-make-software-more/article_a63698c6-a66e-11e9-9628-2350e0b6b1c2.html