Police Log: Dec. 31 – Jan. 1

General Police Log Graphic

Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

Monday, Dec. 31


Theft III

Police received a report of theft at the Law Enforcement Center. A man came in to the LEC and stated that he had gone to work at a local chain restaurant a few days prior and changed into his uniform in the restroom. However, he forgot his backpack in the restroom while he was working. After his shift ended, he found the backpack in the restroom where he had left it. The next day, he said he went to take his prescription for Adderall and found it missing from his backpack. The victim stated that the bottle contained seven 10mg pills. Nothing else was missing. The victim also indicated that he had reviewed the security footage but was unable to find any evidence because none of the cameras are directed towards the restroom. Despite having no suspect information, the victim reported the theft because it involved prescription drugs. Police provided the man with a business card and case number, but for the time being, the case is discontinued due to lack of information.


Burglary 1st Degree/Theft of Services/Criminal Mischief II/PCS

Officers responded to a fraternity house (at request of the house’s property manager) to investigate the possibility of people illegally living inside while the fraternity was supposed to be vacant. After searching the building, officers found four individuals hiding in the basement and second floor ceiling crawl space. The suspects vacated their hiding places after several commands and were subsequently taken into custody. The investigation also revealed that the suspects were illegally using gas, water and electricity utilities and that damage had been done to the building. Additionally, an officer found methamphetamine in one of the suspect’s backpack. The four individuals were ultimately issued citations in lieu of custody.


Suspicious Activity

An officer was dispatched to a local chain restaurant on a report of suspicious activity. On arrival, the shift manager reported that an unknown man who identified himself only as “Ivan,” called the restaurant while employees were closing for the night. The man said that he had a package to deliver but the restaurant owed a balance of $1,546 to receive the package. He then began asking questions about whether or not that much cash was available at the restaurant, how many employees were in the store, and if there were customers present. The manager told the man that they were going to call the police and the man hung up. No one arrived at the restaurant after the call. The case has been discontinued due to a lack of suspect description.


Traffic Crash

Officers and medics responded to an injury traffic crash. Dispatch advised that the driver of the vehicle reportedly jumped out of the vehicle just before the vehicle struck a tree. On arrival, officers identified a man laying on his back partially off the roadway as the driver. A medic from the Albany Fire Department was checking the man’s responsiveness. According to the log, the vehicle had come to rest after colliding with the tree approximately 50 yards away from where the man was found. The man’s fiancee and her daughter were both passengers in the vehicle as well. She stated that the vehicle was having issues and the driver was trying to slow it down by shifting the transmission. She also indicated that the vehicle had recently undergone work on the transmission. The driver told the two passengers to jump from the vehicle after he was able to slow it down. Both the woman and her daughter landed on their feet and were not injured. The driver, however, suffered head injuries and was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital by ambulance. He did not recover and was pronounced deceased on Jan. 2, 2019.


Tuesday, Jan. 1


Disorderly Conduct II

Officers responded to a fight in progress between a man and a woman. The two were reportedly throwing punches at each other after a financial disagreement. The woman fled the area before arrival of police because she had several warrants for her arrest. The man was not visibly injured when police arrived and witnesses indicated that the woman was not visibly injured before she left the scene. The woman was not located and the case was discontinued.



An officer was dispatched to  a local residence for a report of a cold assault. On arrival, the officer made contact with one of the involved parties outside the residence. They indicated that an argument over living arrangements between them and their roommate had escalated to the point of their roommate shoving them out of a chair. According to the log, the roommate claimed that they “gently shoved,” the other on the shoulder and they then fell out of the chair. The two said they would figure out a solution. The first party stated that they were going on a walk and plan on evicting their roommate in the future.


Warrant Arrest

An officer responded to a local grocery store for reports of a man found in his vehicle breathing but unresponsive. While en route, dispatch advised that the man had woken up and appeared confused as to his whereabouts. On arrival, the officer contacted the medics who were with the man. According to the log, the medics advised that the man did not appear to be under the influence but appeared to have some mental health issues. The officer then checked the the man’s wanted status through dispatch and found that the man had three confirmed warrants for his arrest. The man was subsequently issued citations for all three warrants in lieu of custody.


DUII of Drugs/Reckless Driving


Officers responded to a report of a non-injury vehicle crash. The driver struck a parked vehicle and hit a nearby curb and pole. According to the log, the driver was visibly intoxicated, exhibiting dilated pupils, retracted eyelids, muscle tremors, and a clenched jaw. The driver was subsequently transported to the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital where officers obtained a blood sample through a search warrant. The driver was issued a citation for DUII and Reckless Driving as a result.