ASOSU presidential and vice presidential ticket: Ben Nzowo and Jai McClean

ASOSU presidential candidate Ben Nwozo and running partner Jai McClean.

Joe Wolf, ASOSU Beat Reporter

Campaigning with the tagline, “One Beaver, One OSU,” Ben Nzowo and Jai McClean would like to focus on what all students have in common.

According to Nzowo, a transfer student from Portland Community College, he was involved in student government at PCC and saw what he perceived as a disconnect between ASOSU and Diversity and Cultural Engagement. He originally found out about this university by attending conferences put on by the Association of College Unions International and the Oregon Students Association, where he met student leaders of color.

In the PCC student legislature, Nzowo had a hand in student fees, and feels this experience would set him up for success as ASOSU President.

“Being in student government for two years, I realized if you wanted to make big changes you have to reach the top,” Nzowo said. “I don’t make easy promises, I talk to a lot of people involved to make sure it can actually happen.”

The presidential candidate would like to see different campus communities such as fraternity and sorority life, DCE and student clubs come together. Beyond building community, he also wants to focus on decreasing the cost of textbooks and access codes for online homework.

“I feel like there is a way to put pressure on the administration to put a new system in place,” Nzowo said.

Nzowo would also like to do more for OSU students who are DACA recipients, includingcreating a DREAMER center to assist these students navigating legal issues. His goal would be to ensure these students feel welcome on campus.

“This is one of the things that really touches my heart, because I have a lot of friends and family in that situation,” Nzowo said.

Another issue the candidate would like to work on is decreasing the cost of student parking and increasing the number of parking spaces.

“We did it in PCC, so I’m pretty sure there is a way to work with administration and the Transportation Department to have more parking on campus,” Nzowo said.

If elected, Nzowo would like to reform the ASOSU elections process to set aside funds for candidates, rather than forcing them to use their own money. He also sees student government having a role in providing oversight to ensure students are being treated and paid equally in on-campus jobs.

“Students should not have to come to ASOSU, their student government should be checking in on them,” Nzowo said.

Nzowo’s running mate Jai McClean declined a request from The Barometer to comment for this story.