Letter from the Editor: Welcome to OSU!

Lauren Sluss, the 2017-2018 Barometer Editor-in-Chief.

Lauren Sluss Baro Editor-in-Chief

Excited. Overwhelmed. Nervous. Uncertain of what’s in store for you.

I remember each of these emotions and thoughts pumping through my body the first time I stepped onto the Oregon State University campus as an official student. I had just left my home, flew 1200 miles to a city I’d been to once, not even knowing anyone who lived in the state of Oregon.

My first thought was, “Yay! Freedom!”

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My second was, “Shoot, what now?”

I can imagine many of you moving into your new spaces at OSU are experiencing similar sentiments. You’ve been told college is an exciting time, yet no one has told you actually how to be a college student. I would wager that every person who has been in your shoes before you has felt the same thing.

Luckily, the university you are not a part of is aware of that. Several groups and organizations on campus are dedicated to providing opportunities for you to become involved, stretch yourself and help you make your mark as a member of the OSU community.

In this issue, we have provided you with profiles of several of these groups and resources on campus which we believe will benefit you at your time here at OSU. Each of these organizations carries a unique influence on the campus and provides aid, entertainment and community to the OSU campus. Not only have we included these profiles, but we have also provided you with extensive coverage and in-depth looks into these organizations on our website, DailyBarometer.com.

Our hope is by reading about these organizations, you as a new student will gain a greater sense of what the OSU community looks and feels like. My goal is to hopefully reassure you that no matter what major, age, gender, ethnicity or race you identify with, there is a place in Beaver Nation for you.

The Baro wishes you the best of luck moving into your new spaces. We hope to see you around, and go Beavs!

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