Meet the ASOSU lobbyists: Josey Koehn

Anesta León Guerrero, Josey Koehn, Rep. Peter DaFazio and David Lax pose with the Capitol Building in the background.

Riley Youngman, Editor-in-Chief

Josey Koehn

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Year: 2nd
  • Major: Speech Communication

Koehn grew up in the small eastern Oregon town of Cove. In her second year at Oregon State University, she has always had a passion for politics. Coming off a recent loss in the ASOSU elections, Koehn has not been discouraged and is continuing to fight for student-related issues. She sees the lobbying trip as one such way to stay involved.

“Upon coming to OSU I saw that there were opportunities to really get involved in the legislative process. I think one-on-one communication with decision makers is a powerful way to make my voice heard, and I truly love that about lobbying,” Koehn said.

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Koehn has been active in the community as well. Working with ASOSU and the Oregon Student Association for over a year now, she has played a role in registering over 7,000 students as part of the VoteORVote campaign.

“Voter registration is a cause very near and dear to my heart, and it has been wonderful to involve my fellow students in that process,” Koehn said. “I am also looking forward to speaking with legislators who have opinions that differ from my own, and trying to find common ground with them in order to benefit Oregon students.” 

The issue that Koehn is most enthusiastic to advocate for is college affordability. Like others, she has difficulty paying for college while also juggling two jobs, classes and extracurricular activities.

“My family is a huge support system, but I want to see this process be less of a financial burden for parents like mine,” Koehn said. “I am also passionate about the prevention and awareness of sexual assault on college campuses.”

Koehn is joined on her sub-lobby team by Anesat León Guerrero and David Lax.

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