Corvallis Farmers’ Market opens for the first day of the season on Saturday


Valerie Maule, Multimedia Contributor

Live music, heavy foot traffic, fresh fruits and vegetables are to be expected when one comes downtown to enjoy a Saturday morning at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market.

New local business stage their booths to begin a new chapter in their lives, such as Yvonne Mutch, who started her business with the intentions to help out the community.

“I started two years ago with my rosemary mints soap, making it as a Christmas present for friends and family. I’ve been making soaps for a couple of years and this last fall I joined my daughter at her crafts fairs and I just started a few months ago,” Mutch said. “I was teaching a school in Cambodia and I made a pledge to give them money monthly, so I had to think up with an idea to, ‘How can I start making money?’ in addition to what I (do).”

“I tutor two mornings a week. So I sort of just started this as a way to make money to help support a humanitarian organization in Cambodia called Milk and Honey school, doing something I enjoy doing.”

The Corvallis Farmers’ Market is a more than just a place for local businesses to sell their products, which can range anywhere from soaps to produce or breads. For poultry farmer Erin Reid, this is one of her only opportunities to spend time with other people.

“It’s my only social outlet: I live on the farm. I talk to ducks and chickens and geese most of my life,” Reid said. “People need to eat and I have eggs to eat. That’s kind of a no-brainer, if they’re not going to be hatched, they need to get eaten.”

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