Dog N’ Jog 5k run proceedes benefit Olive K. Britt Fund

Courtesy of Ashley Carlberg Pre-Veterinary Medicinal Association treasurer
OSU’s Pre-Veterinary Medicinal Association offered both a 5k run and a fun run for community members to participate in on Saturday, Nov. 12. 

Madelyn Sturges Multimedia contributor

Dog N’ Jog is a fundraiser event hosted by the club for Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University. The event was held on Saturday, Nov. 12 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and involved two runs and multiple activities for the entire family.

The first run was a 5k run, while the second was just a “fun run” for anyone to participate in. Along with the of the runs, Dog N’ Jog featured a community fair with booths offering face painting and dog grooming.

Although PVMA has hosted Dog N’ Jog for the past seven years, Hadley Schoderbek, PVMA’s volunteer coordinator said that the fundraiser has grown a little bit every year.

“Each year we get a little more creative with putting it on and advertising,” Schoderbek said.

Kimberly Gerstner, PVMA’s fundraising coordinator, had to do a lot to get the event ready for the Saturday. Gerstner and her team started planning the event in April.

“I needed to find out who I needed a permit with and talked to numerous officials with the city of Corvallis,” Gerstner said.

Gerstner had to also get the school to approve the event, find sponsors to fund the event and advertise to runners and families with dogs so the event could actually take place.

PVMA partnered with the Olive K. Britt Hope Fund, a fund though OSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine that helps pay for life-saving treatments for shelter dogs and people and families who can’t afford treatments. About 50 percent of proceeds from the event are going to the Olive K. Britt Fund. Although in previous years PVMA has worked with the Heartland Humane Society, this year marks the first cooperation with the Olive K. Britt Fund.

PVMA is a club mainly devoted for pre-vet students, but anyone of any major can join the club.

“Students can join our club by paying our annual dues,” Gerstner said. “Then, they can attend any of our meetings and volunteer at any of our events that we hold or attend.”

Each year, the club volunteers with Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Fences for Fido and Heartland Humane Society.

This term PVMA is putting on two trips, one to Oregon National Primate Research Center and another to the Oregon Zoo.

“Anyone who is interested in these types of activities is welcome to join our club,” Schoderbek said. 

Ashley Carlberg, a sophomore at OSU and PVMA’s treasurer, joined the club in her freshman year because she was looking for a club that would help her in and outside of her classes.

“[I] was looking to gain networking skills, animal husbandry experience and volunteer hours,” Carlberg said via email.

Carlberg worked alongside Gerstner in planning the Dog N’ Jog event. Carlberg finds the fundraising event important because it not only funds the club for future activities, but half of the proceeds from the fundraiser works to benefit animals in the community.

“Many generous donors and the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association have helped fund the Olive K. Britt Hope Fund over the years enabling the OSU veterinary hospital to save lives of hundreds of beloved pets and pets-to-be,” Carlberg said via email.

PVMA will continue to host fundraisers in the community throughout the year.

One of the upcoming events is a fundraiser with Roxy Dawgs. Although the specific dates have not been set, the fundraiser will consist of people eating at Roxy Dawgs, puting their receipt in a donation box and then Roxy Dawgs will donate 25 percent of their proceeds to PVMA.

For more information on how to join PVMA or get involved in their upcoming events visit their website.