OSU provides a community

Marilyn Wallenburn News Contributor

Transitioning from high school to college can be a thrilling and terrifying experience. Incoming freshman, Jaden Cloyes is excited about the challenge. 

Growing up in a family where both of her grandfathers graduated from Oregon State University, she regularly attended football games with her family. 

With every visit, Cloyes came to love the campus more and more, so when it came time to decide what university to attend, OSU was her only choice. 

“It was the only school I applied to,” Cloyes said. 

Family wasn’t the only deciding factor when choosing OSU, she’s always had a deep interest in biology. 

“I have always known that English and the arts were not what I wanted to do,” Cloyes said. “I wanted to do science and I knew this was going to be the best school for me.” 

Since arriving on campus, she has joined LSAMP Lois Strokes Alliance for Minority Participation, a program designed to help traditionally underrepresented students studying science and engineering. 

 “I have spent the last 10 days with about 20 of the 24 hours of every day with this small group of 50 people,” Cloyes said. “It’s been a family.”

LSAMP has helped Cloyes adjust to being at OSU, and has given her a community to feel a part of.  

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