Letter to the editor: President’s Commission on the Status of Women stands in solidarity with students of color


The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) applauds the courage of the students at the Speak Out last Monday evening who shared their experiences of the racist acts and racist sexual violence they have endured at OSU.

No one should have to live in fear on our campus. We reject the vile racist behavior on the chat stream and commit to facilitating active change across our OSU community. PCOSW listened to you and stands in solidarity with you. PCOSW’s membership includes students, faculty, staff, post-docs, and members of the university community from different colleges, administrative offices, and across the state of Oregon. We affirm our mission to improve the collective status of all who have been limited, silenced, excluded, or otherwise disadvantaged by unexamined norms, beliefs, and practices of the OSU community.

We look forward to partnering with students and leaders on campus to work toward creating concrete, tangible responses/solutions to address racism and the gender-based violence that students of color experience on our campus.

Please reach out to us for support, and let us know if we can schedule you or others you recommend for a dialogue at one of our commission meetings.

President’s Commission on the Status of Women

Oregon State University